Shoulder Lean - Young Dro feat T.I.

[Chorus: T.I. - 2X]
Let me see you bounce right to left and let your shoulder lean
Let your shoulder lean, just let your shoulder lean
Ay, get it right, two step and let your shoulder lean, let your shoulder lean
Just let your shoulder lean

[Verse 1]
Dro...I'm clean in this b_tch
Now I'm finna shoulder lean in this b_tch
N_gga buck..carbon 15 in this b_tch
This Grand Hustle team of kings is gettin' rich
I lean and get lit, lima bean 6
I take breath, the opposite of Primatine Mist
I ride 26 and let my 9 screen "flip"
Dro be watchin' Oprah, Mac, 9 up in a clip
Triple black Phantom n_gga nah it ain't Tip
With Lucky charm diamonds and man but nah it ain't Flip
K bounce..ok then I let my shoulder lean
And I bet my car talk, and I bet my motor clean
Suicide doors, Brown Rover look like pok n bean
Erybody know me in the club cuz they smokin' me..Dro
Hoes scopin' me, ice come from Bo Bareeton
Hundred carats have 'em froze for an eon
Red, black, and white Chevy now I'm ridin' Deion
Put them lights off in my rims, now I'm ridin' neon
Our cars look like cra-yon, hoes know I'm the man though
I can shoulder lean... ionno how to dance thooooo


[Verse 2]
First I let my wheels spin, then I let my screen fall
Then I let my trunk beat at Greenbriar Mall, tall
And then I pimp a hoe, take a b_tch to Berlin
B_tch break n_ggaz, after that we f_ck they girlfriend
My girl got a girlfriend, Chevy blue like whirlwind
N_gga it's a drought on that boy, so I got that girl in
Pearl Bent', cockin' hammer, Arm & Hammer propaganda
B_tches think I'm pimpin' and leanin' in salamander sandels
Dirty South hot cuz Atlanta.. show n_ggaz with ammo
We ride Phantom, holla shawty for grammar
Yep, now I be on TV, BET, out the channel
Hood n_gga from Bankhead, I stay by Grandma Nana
I lay by my banana, dumpin' and punkin' monkeys
Don't nobody live with my mom but a bunch of junkies
Throw me the donkey, b_tch I ride glaze on the haze
Gator green Chevy, gator gut, alligator J's


Lean, lean

Get ya shoulder shawty


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