1/4 Block - Young Jeezy

I remember being posted up on the 1st and the 3rd
Just re'd up, n_gga got a 9 piece
All the while fantasizing, visualizing, comin' through in a Benz
With a dimepiece
Audemar what that time piece say
Audemar what that time piece say
Know it ain't sh_t, swing by the Federal boot camp
Sh_t, whip it like it's cream brulee
Straight drop that glass, whipped cream, watch them eat it up like dessert
Broad day, call it Draya
Almost caught me on the camera n_gga makin' it twerk
'Magine me with the Kenmore stove
With the Pyrex goin' berserk
Show up in the khaki D_ckies suit, with the Tims on like "I'm going to work"

That quarter block
All about getting that quarter block
Started with the rocks in a slab
Then I moved up on the Ave
Hit them up with that quarter block
Yeaaaahhhh, that quarter block
All about getting that quarter block
250 straight, 9 piece straight drop
Yeah, I'm 'bout to hit these n_ggas with a quarter block

I'm the undisputed track king, talkin' straight cash sh_t like Mayweather
I was 15 on The Money Team, whip a n_gga ass like Mayweather
Young n_gga, 14 for the half from the big homie, didn't know better
Old n_ggas taxing didn't stop sh_t, cuz a young n_gga got mo' cheddar
This work sh_t is in my resume
Brand new chickens all day like I'm Chick-Fil-A
Spot open up, weed given on the weekend
Even on Sunday unlike Chick-Fil-A
Don't you want a 9 piece wing my n_gga?
Lowkey, tryna be seen my n_gga
Run through the check, that's the protocol
34 walls, threw 'em a promoter dog


Said I'm sitting here
Staring at the bottom of this Visionware
And I swear I can see my dreams
As the water boil, see a little clearer
Eyes red, n_gga might need some Visine
Game got a n_gga head throbbing, n_gga might need some Advil
Feds picked up my n_gga and his baby mama
Last night sh_t was mad real
Scared to go to church
Throw him an iced out cross, then I hit the club
Threw both hands over both my eyes in the court room so I can't see the judge
I made miracles with that soda babe
Yea I suppose with that yola babe
Cash Money in my projects, since a Juvenile
Like the Nolia baby


Let's Go

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