All We Do - Young Jeezy

[Verse 1]
I got a b_tch named Banana, p_ssy bananas
That's why I gotta say it again, p_ssy bananas
My little cool ass b_tch, she from the Westside
She let me hit from the back, say that's her best side
Call it her bed side, I call it her wet side
And every time the b_tch cum, she holler, "Westside!"
One Thursday night, met her at Crucial's
You already knowing the rest, the head was crucial
Do this little thing with her tongue that get me so hype
You should see her lips when I'm done, them sh_ts be so white
Nothing ain't soft in my pants, that barrel so long
Each and every time that she call, that sh_t be so hard

She know what to do, and she know how to do it
How I get her done every time we do it
Ain't gotta ask, baby, getting right to it
Box of Swishers, box of Magnums, running right through it
All we do is smoke and f_ck, smoke and f_ck
All we do is smoke and f_ck, smoke and f_ck
All we do is smoke and f_ck, smoke and f_ck
All we do is smoke and f_ck, smoke and f_ck

[Verse 2]
Yeah, you know it's on after the club, no problemo
Got no problem getting it up, I'm all limo
Yeah, like a black-on-black super-stretch
Trying to break that back, we had super-sex
She say all d_ck is the same, I got a super one
Told her all p_ssy's the same, she got a super one
And when I'm on that trick, I'm going superman
And when I'm on that smoke, I'm going super-HAM
Make a quick stop and a run for blunts and po'boys
When you left your strap in the car? The answer's no, boy
In my wife-beater and boxers, left on my damn chain
Before I left, I put her to sleep - don't play no damn games


[Verse 3]
Yeah, you know our conversation is cool, she intellectual
Got turned out at the school, she bisexual
Show up with my game face on, ready to kill something
Man, that thing get so wet, you think you spilled something
She said she can be anything if we arrange it
She said, boy, you better get back, it's bout to rain here
She said, Young, since this your p_ssy, let's put your name here
Baby girl, since this your crib, let's hide some 'caine here
Think about the business side of it, we both can gain here
Yeah b_tch, I know this your sh_t, we both can hang here
I told her, listen here, that's my sh_t so let me hide that
She said, listen here, that's my d_ck so let me ride that


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