Bang - Young Jeezy feat Lil Scrappy, T.I.

Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
If you ain't from round here dog don't even come around
Twist ya fingers up bang motherf_cker bang
Throw ya hoods up bang motherf_cker bang
Eastside! (Hit 'em up bang motherf_cker bang)
Westside! (Hit 'em up, bang motherf_cker bang)

[Young Jeezy]
Do ya thug thang gon' get 'em up
Represent ya side n_gga hit 'em up
Disrespect we gon' take it there
We 30 deep lil n_gga we ain't fighting fair
You better holla at ya partners
Before we catch them outside and hit they ass wit dem choppers
The .45 make my pants sag
Catch me bouncing through the club wit my black flag
You don't like it do something n_gga
Where I'm from if we don't like it we do something n_gga
And you know we gon' ride homes
Stomped a n_gga ass out until they turn the lights on


Me and Jeezy on the back street
Choppers in the back seat
What we fin to do the questions yean even gotta ask me
Desert in my lap and skullcap and a black tee
Looking for the n_ggaz that say they fin to attack me
Turn the music down low and let the 'llac creep
F_ck the police I give a damn if they catch me
Wait a minute that's that n_gga looking at me
Let off 50 shots you n_ggaz ran like a track meet
I know my partners would have did the job for a flat fee
But seeing dem n_ggaz bleed is the only thing that's gon' relax me
I'm hands on n_gga damn what you say
All them games that you play don't stand a chance in the A n_gga


[Lil Scrappy]
Roll up on yo block
All the bullsh_t stops
Man hoe know that I'm the prince so that ass gon' drop
I was born in the A with things in the way
Smoke weed everyday
Zone 3 where I stay
Yeah I think I'm the sh_t cause I got an SS
But the sh_t a old folk so you can receive the letter
I'm the best of the best
And the freshest of the fresh
Gotta pistol black out wit an Atlanta Hawk vest
Gotta lifetime of trouble and my brain still nervous
I don't rep the A by mistake I do the sh_t on purpose
Do it how it's worth it rim and the cars swerving
It ain't nothing but Lil Scrappy and g's up to start murkining ya


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