Been Getting Money - Young Jeezy feat Akon

[Verse 1 - Jeezy:]
Had a mill at 16 know how that felt?
And I'm still kicking sh_t, b_tch black belt
Shoulda seen me in that yella 4-30
Got it washed everyday, b_tch never seen dirty
Told me meet him at the waffle house, he got a clean.30
On my Domino's sh_t, only took a mean 30
My folks always on time yeah I'm talking seen murders.
Is it me or this frank Mueller it just seem early
I'm in something low-key steady mobbing with them thangs, greet us always
Steady mobbing be the game
Cut the music down cause my cellphone ringing
From what I just heard think my cellphone dreaming
Wasn't doing this I'd probably be a politician
F_ck first forty-eight just too much snitching
If them folks get behind me it be a whole lot of chasing,
Cause I ain't pulling over it be a whole lot of racing
Cause I ain't pulling over be a whole lotta arresting

[Hook - Akon:]
Ain't a damn thing change now
Cause I been getting money
Who you know pulled up
Black cars jeweled up
With the big-faced hundreds
Put them things on the road now
N_gga still getting that dough now
N_ggas think I lucked up, must got me f_cked up
Cause I been getting money

[Verse 2 - Jeezy:]
And just when I thought it couldn't get no better
N_gga hit me on my chirp, got all my cheddar
All wondering why I got this sh_t runnin like a shower
Big bag full of white, you woulda thought it was some flour
Work hard in the kitchen like a culinary school
I be doin my thang, I'm a culinary fool
So much Pj, I was pissin that sh_t,
Talkin bottles so big put a fist in that sh_t
You were born that way, always be a hater
Don Jaun on these hoes, always be a playa
Way I run thru the check I Shoulda been a calculator
I'm so cold with this sh_t, count it in the refrigerator
Jewelry store, green bob bought my first Cartier
Threw em 30 thou and got the f_ck up outta there
That's how jo jo jimbo and dave day got indicted
There's a party with the feds, I ain't tynna get invited


[Verse 3 - Jeezy:]
Imagine this breeze coming from the ceiling fan
Stack a hundred bills in your right hand
Right there by the couch bag of rubber bands
Gotta get 5, double stacked that's a hundred grand
Rose gold jacob, 4 units for the timepiece
Got my n_ggas working so much they need a time sheet
They thought it was a joke until I copped that 6
7:45 pull up in that b_tch
Ever see a n_gga pop a hundred bottles for the club
Had a big trash bag get that money dem b_tches love
One song, blew a quarter chicken, yeah that's a car tote
If a n_gga re'ing up with half a ticket that's a car quote


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