Beez Like - Young Jeezy feat Lil Boosie

[Intro - Jeezy:]
Time for the fallen soldiers
Can't have a war without casualties, you know?
For everybody goin' through the struggle, you know
Real sh_t everyday, everyday sh_t is real
(Every hood, every ghetto, every block, every trench)
I know how you feel, yeah, look

[Hook - Jeezy:]
I been out here grindin' so long
But still I had to find my way on my own
I could tell you what it beez like
I could tell you what it beez like
I'm a true hustler, all that I know
So I can make it anywhere that I go
I could tell you what it beez like
I could tell you what it beez like-like, beez like

[Verse 1 - Jeezy:]
Straight from the hood, got a get money fetish
Pocket full of green, n_gga, like a head of lettuce
Put the work in a bag, make a yayo sandwich
Then we go and spread it through the hood like Manwich
One thing about it, we gon' get this bread
When you knew sh_t was real? When they found a rat dead
Right around the corner where us young n_ggas hustled at
Right by the stop sign, that's where they was bussin' at
When you come here with nothin', gotta learn how to provide
Carlo had a Benz 'fore he was old enough to drive
Losin' 10, 20 every night, gamblin' ain't nothin'
And ya n_gga got killed takin' up for his cousins
When you knew sh_t was real? Drop outfit in the feds
Still 8 years and a n_gga shot him dead
On the humbug, left him slumped in his car
Everybody got a day, don't matter who you are


[Verse 2 - Lil Boosie:]
Stove water, heat cold water
Knew I'd touch a bird when I got my first quarter
Sell water to a well, n_gga
Cold nights, cold hearts, tough love, that's what it be like in jail, n_gga
Mama crying at my visit cause she care for me
Daughter just had her period, ain't there for her
Know how to have a girl you know just gon' hold ya back
But the p_ssy so good you keep goin' back
Hurt when ya main man turned rat
Make the whole la familia turn hot like that
Any city, any block, any boulevard
I survive, no lie, I'm a ghetto boy
I could tell ya bout the dos and don'ts
I make it anywhere I go, so lose I won't
I can tell ya bout the hard time when ya really need it
Been grindin' so long, still had to call Jeezy


[Verse 3 - Jeezy:]
Straight from the bottom, tryna make it to the top
What the gov'ment don't give you, gotta get it from the block
Feel like a bad boy cause this sh_t don't stop
Street so dirty, need a muhf_ckin' mop, uh oh!
Lil homie, stay focused, handle ya business
Don't talk to them n_ggas around you, might be a witness
Don't tell the dishwasher what you did with' ya dishes
Don't tell these snitchin' n_ggas what you did with' ya riches
N_ggas is hopin' they see Christmas
But, if we just happen to don't, we hope you miss us
Santa raised all seven them kids, didn't miss a meal
She work them fingers right to the bone, didn't miss a bill
N_ggas 649, let's make a deal
See, one thing bout countin' this money, it make ya feel
See, I used to get 'em right from the source, got 'em direct
The same n_gga that had a connect, he in the set


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