Black Eskimo - Young Jeezy

All the n_gga talk 'bout bricks and birds
Chinchilla sh_t, n_gga his and hers
AP, Rolex, he's a professional
They call him Snowman b_tch, the Black Eskimo

In a black full length mink, getting this money
Try to stop me, lay you down like a perm n_gga
IPhone on you hoes, taking selfies at the store
Strike a pose with them hoes like "look at me!"
'04, '05, little n_gga, I was getting tight money, don't fold up
2 door, 250
B_tch you better open my door when I roll up
Had them coming to Atlanta for the Hawks
Had the ticket, was the man in the city
Had the city so motherf_ckin hot
Damn near bought a fan for my city
What ya talkin' bout
Used to get money with the milli, OG said sell with
If he tell you anything
Then he'll tell you n_gga that I ain't ever tell sh_t
Ain't no need to be excited, I ain't ever been indicted
P_ssy n_gga I ain't told sh_t
The nerve of you n_ggas, signed with these rappers that never sold sh_t
Had that Rolls gold, Rose Bowl
Jacob all Rose gold everything (Trinidad!)
Talkin' 'Rarri 430 with the piping on the seat, it was everything
N_gga made a quarter mil at the Texaco
Took his thing in the club like he's Plaxico
Always fresh from head to toe
Know his name in the mall n_gga? Every Sto'


I ain't talk to be talking
I don't to just talk
Snow say something y'all better listen up
You going in your bag, what you goin' by your jeweler
N_gga you icing out your wrist or what?
Yeah, I got a few trophies
B_tch that Hublot looking like a Heisman
I'm so motherf_cking high up in this b_tch
I swear I'm thinking 'bout diving
5 quarters on chill
Wrist looking like it's real, n_gga Mike Jones (who?)
You gone learn 'bout this n_ggas
Loaned sperm out these n_ggas
What they is n_gga? my clone
Gotta keep the grass cut
Keep your eyes on these snake ass n_ggas cuz they pythons
The God of this b_tch, the MJ of this sh_t
And you can tell these n_ggas Mike home

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