Don't You Know - Young Jeezy

And you know [x5]
Young, I see you n_gga, Let's go

[Chorus x2]
I hear ya'll talk that work sh_t, that's cool
That don't mean sh_t, I don't know you
I don't know you., I don't know you
I don't know you., I don't know you

[Verse 1]
Feelin' this in this sh_t, that's right I'm in this b_tch
Ya'll n_ggas acting like Young ain't never did this sh_t
N_gga 500 grams, rock solid, no shake
Call them thangs Chappelles, he wants his other half baked
You know I like to scramble mine, Waffle House style
Or leave 'em sunny side up and let 'em chill for a while
Not only have I done it, I did it, I lived it
Delivered it myself, yeah I'm making house visits
I'm praying while I'm driving, it's making me religious
In the head lights behind me, it's making me suspicious
And maybe I'm trippin', and maybe I'm not
Maybe it's nothing, just hope it ain't the cops, OK

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I called there, get that and go back with that
And then I flip that, then send that right back
If it got 2 bags, it must be 5 stacks
So you owe 5 stacks, bring that right back
If it take too long, must be rerock
2 in the shoebox, nah these ain't Reeboks
I don't live there, I just cook there
Ain't nothing in there, but fish and cookware
Can't drop our sh_t, work that fork though
Lock up like whoa, Young like fo' sho
This sh_t right here, call that Come Back
Drop this 9 off, and I'll be right back

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
I don't know why these n_ggas tell lies
Ya'll know damn well he ain't flippin' no pies
All this bird talk, make me want some Popeye's
Ya'll getting no play off in my rides
Fake ass n_ggas, how dare you compare Young
Black Crown Vick, yeah dad used to scare Young
My 6-2s come back like Frisbees
All these smoke fumes got me dizzy
They talk bricks, see, I'm just listening, yawn
Say, I'm just listening (Yeah!)
Hook might be tight, but that don't sound right
I sold Snow White and he sold no white

[Chorus x2]

And you know, I ain't bouncing for none of you n_ggas, n_gga
And you know, I ain't cosigning none of you fake ass n_ggas
Realest n_gga, ain't BS, n_gga

And you know
And you know, America is me!
And you know
Let's go!

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