Everything - Young Jeezy feat Anthony Hamilton, Lil' Boosie

[Chorus - Young Jeezy X4]
Ya n_gga ain't seein' me, I put that on everything
Put that on everything
Put that on everything

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
I'm going out the same way I came in
Harder than a motherf_cker
Real street n_gga I ain't nothin like these other s_ckers (na)
How much the club cost I might buy this motherf_cker
Have the feds park right outside this motherf_cker!
You know the name b_tch
Hotter than fish grease
Got a hundred move a hundred that was this week (damn)
She want me to get the room man this b_tch cheap (what)
But she roll the weed good and she a big freak (yeah)
We on 75 her hands down my 87's
Dolce Gabbana belt, know the Mack-11
First name Gots
Last name Ends
Fix your mouth, fix your face, you might get a Benz

[Verse 2 - Lil' Boosie]
Put that on momma my daddy and everything I love
For everything I rap
My gangstas in the trap
You can't see me with a magnifying glass
200 on the dash, try some games, I'll bust ya ass
N_gga whole click, iPhones
N_gga, get your shine on
Used to whip it up and zip it up
Now it's the microphone
No man alive can't stop my shine, I'm a hustla mayne
I want it bad cause Bad Azz came from nothing man
Shining on 'em, griding on 'em, bout what I'm talking bout
If I show your b_tch my house, she gone take my d_ck and floss
Show after show I'm getting dough
100 G's at a time
I'm MJ round my way and Louisiana is mine, n_gga!

[Outro - Anthony Hamilton]

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