Gotta See This - Young Jeezy

[Hook: Jeezy]
VVS all in the belts so they cleanest
Such a smart thing, good head she a genius

Jewelry game nice but the coupe's be the meanest
Two-Fourty at the lot, swear to god I didn't dream it
Gotta, gotta see this, gotta see this, gotta see this
Gotta, gotta see this, gotta see this, gotta see this
Gotta, gotta see this, gotta see this, gotta see this

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
It's your boy snow and I just left the dealer
Tag new shoes now I'm feeling like a dealer
Didn't hit my new rims on the curb its all gravy
Mashed Potato seats n_gga all I need is gravy
As I proceed to hit the blunt, now I'm higher than an airplane
30k of hundreds in my pockets, that's the whole thang
Masterpiece presidential rollie call me four things
Masterpiece presidential rollie call me four chains
Straight sexaholic you should see the b_tch body
Straight alcoholic, you should see the b_tch party
Like my n_gga young, 2-11 you gotta beat this
Brick white Porsche 9-11 you gotta see this

[Hook: Jeezy]

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah you gotta see, you gotta see, you gotta see this
Charging with the murder and the verdict gotta beat it
P_ssy n_ggas ran off with them keys and got deleted
I'mma pull up smoke em'
Then pull off smoking on something to stop ya breathing
Believe it, b_tch don't hit this [??] you just might hit the flo'
Last month sent twenty-five hoes in the mail
This week might ship off fifty more
That cali sh_t
Man G asshole right homicide right in the door
Postman came through the hood
Hit a n_gga with the good and I was good to go
Good to go? Yeah I got it
Magic city, damn its crowded. Hit this stripper b_tch
And ever since can't keep my d_ck up out her
Ask me if I think about her, ho you must be dreamin'
Hate to play you b_tch but game like this you've never seen it

[Hook: Jeezy]

[Verse 3: JW]
You fresh you know me, confidence on OD
Rep My city for them dope boys and og's
Trap bikes and Levi's
Seven Grams I'm tree high
Real n_ggas that's real talk, them 45's with that duck sauce
Grade-A I'm too cool, Tilapia I'm too smooth
Hoes on they laptop, I'm f_cking all on youtube
Real n_ggas on 6th street, robbing hard with that big heat
Show me love every time they see me
B_tch they know me
Cell Phone on swag mode V-Necks straight asshole
Got a quarter half off [??]
I shine hard for them n_ggas locked up doing time
Young polar's daddy got us, we gon' hold him down

[Hook: Jeezy] (x2)

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