How I Did It (Perfection) - Young Jeezy

Get gone and get with it, hate it or love it
I can't even lie man, sometimes I'm like f_ck it
This should be addition, these n_ggas subtractin'
And why I'm so tense, man, I should be relaxin'
Remember times on the highway with them ten
Done it all the best, cause I've never seen the pen
Still do it for the streets cause they taught that boy a lesson
You done it how I did it, man, they call that sh_t perfection

[Verse 1:]
I'm from a small hood, but I had big dreams
My uncle Robert taught me how to use the big beam
That was right before he caught his life sentences
Do what you gotta, just put your life in it, (hey)
Me and Goldmouth in this jeep, we on the road
All I saw was red and blue lights, I thought he told
B_tterflies as we going through this roadblock
Ask yourself questions like (is this where my road stop?)
I'm tryna be cool, this n_gga nervous
He sweatin' like a two dollar whore in Sunday Service
Got at least two blocks of hard back in this b_tch
Right now I'm thinkin' we should've better packaged this sh_t
God works in mysterious ways and yes He do
Said "Mister that's a nice Cherokee" and they let us through
So, don't get to talkin' these records, I sold millions
3.5 off in Magic, I bought billions!


[Verse 2:]
Hit my n_gga up on the chirp, said "What's the ticket?"
24 extra 5, n_gga show you how to whip it
I'm getting cooking, next to homies they counting the cash man
What to do with the wrap? (Never put it in the trash can!)
This sh_t is so deep, I'm talking so deep!
I'm the king of the kitchen now, this is my sink
I'm the king of the kitchen n_gga this is my stove
That's why I got my own lane, b_tch I made my own road (That's right!)
Now I'm movin' weight like a trainer and a diet
Used to put the work in a bag and then I tie it
Flashbacks I can't deny, but you tell them police ass n_ggas "B_tch I'm retired"
That's why I do it for the ones in the street, ones in the cage
All the sh_t I'm goin' through, I should be askin' for a raise
Don't get to talkin' this work, I made millions
3.5 off in Visions, I bought billions


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