Last of a Dying Breed - Young Jeezy feat Trick Daddy, Young Buck, Ill Will

[Young Jeezy verse:]
Welcome to da life of a young thug n_gga (jea)
Only hang out wit dem criminals and dem drug dealers (ayyy)
I'm from even where da dead die (die)
But try an do it big like da kid from bedstuy
I see death around da corna and i aint scared I got a carbon wit 15 and I'm fully prepared (that's right)
Lord a mercy 20 rounds in a clip (jea)
Outta line get 20 rounds in ya hip (ayyy)
Shoot first and ask question lata (lata)
Da answer is it was all about da paper (jea)
Everything da game is sh_t to lose and a new forty-five that I'm dyin to use (yeahhhh)

[Ill Will]
If ya real like me (like me)
Throw ya hoods in da air so da whole wide world can see (ay)
Last of a dying breed, Last of a dying breed, Last of a dying breed
And if ya real like me (like me)
Keep that thang on ya hip that's just da way that its gotta be
Last of a dying breed, Last of a dying breed,last of a dying breed
Young Buck
I done seen n_ggaz come and go
Sh_t da whole world done seen wat I done before
We do anythang when da funds is low
I'm da reason outta townas don't come no mo
Let me show you n_ggaz how to break down da whole thang
My n_gga B.G. know Buck been a birdman
Its got to be in ya blood to be a thug
If i aint makin enough I ma jack my plug
We was born in it
Not sworn in it
You can go against it or you can join wit it
Made mark so da streets gon rememba me
Now come and git it n_gga Ca$hville Tennekee holla back

[Trick Daddy]
Some of da dudes we thought was real O.G.s was O.D.s cause they talk pleas and includin G's like you and me (you and me)
The first step was going to set a trap
So in a short period they convince da grand jury to allow a phone tap
And if they listen in
Not once did they hear us mentioning
Murder and a c_caine distributing
Through all that was dividends comin in
I'm straightly gettin betta yet we too smart for ya bullsh_t
Callin all cars (callin all cars)
Its your brother-in-laws and tell em hurry up and come dem n_ggaz got gunz
Man down shots fired only f_ck n_ggaz and cops died
First stage of a ride and dem f_ck couldn't sneak by
When you a witnessin and sh_t five b_tch be quiet because they only got what you tell em
And then da witness that they had to ?? was lyin there dead
Shot in da street all red
Wit two shots to his head
Cause he was workin for da feds
And they last informant informed us they had it out for us
For a bird but he got popped for it
So ride or die for em (ride or die for em)
Betta yet you betta kill em
Cause I think he gon get da b_tch to tell em
And he probably done all ready told
But then again with out a witness dem b_tches aint got sh_t


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