Nicks 2 Bricks - Young Jeezy feat Freddie Gibbs

Whole thang....
He want a 36...
My dog been in the feds since 1996
Hey guess who's gettin bread back in 96?
Remember all them nights I wasn't havin sh_t
Now its Philippe Chow, so I gotta sh_t
Remember standin on the block, I had me 30 nicks
Talkin two door cars, I got at least six
And I'm straight up out the hood, now thats nicks to bricks

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
Box of sandwich bags like we making turkey clubs
Told Gibbs when this drop we gon murk tha club
Now if yo sh_t didn't cost a nick, well then you smokin wrong
Ain't smoking what I'm smoking, n_gga f_ck you smoking on?
And all the whips foreign they got green cards
Done whipped up so much white, b_tch I dream hard
Its hard to go to sleep with them birdies in the attic
Why you keep looking out the window, its just a bad habit
Now I got so many carrrots, call me silly rabbit
Third phone this week, I keep hearing static
Message to the police on the other line
Last thing you gon do is catch me with this 9


[Verse 2 - Freddie Gibbs]
Use to bag my dope and cut sixteen hundred up off a zip
Last year couldn't f_ck these hoes in the club
Now I cant keep them off my d_ck
Where my homeboy Domincan H, he flip weights, said Fred go deliver these bricks
If a n_gga try to flex like a boss, knock him off, f_ck a loss, we ain't givin up sh_t
Strapped up like a navy seal
8 7 with the navy wheels
Rims match the paint
Now one of these rap n_ggas hate in the club wit no major deal
13 with a .38 pistol
Point blank but a n_gga wont miss hoe
N_ggas be on that gang bang sh_t
But I was thug with the thugs from the get go
On the road with a colder thang
N_ggas in nap town need a 9
Homeboy caught a murder charge, been in the feds since 1999
From nicks to bricks, droppin key to a key
On the bus stop with them dimes
Started off with the dro
Then I moved to the blow
Living life will blow my mind?


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