Seen It All - Young Jeezy feat Jay-Z

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
I said you already know n_gga, young gotta flow
Before rap, Young really got dough
Before rap, Young really seen snow
In the kitchen 'bout to make some magic
Then blow it all in magic, Pull up to my partner in traffic
Gave it to him, it was all in plastic
All I know, I ain't tryna go to jail
Heard that sh_t closest thing to hell
When it's stepped on make it hard to sell
When you been where I been, make it hard to fail
'Cause I'm the realest n_gga in this
Y'all know it first n_gga hitting magic in that 6-45
Love to say Jizzle n_gga, stay in new sh_t
But everybody back back 'cause that n_gga can't drive
Doors open up I emerge with ten chains
Even back then they was calling me ten chains
Ask me what I spent, I tell 'em it's no thing
Even if I had to add it up, it'da cost like ten things
We used to take a little show money just to throw money
If it's on the floor n_gga, it's the floor money
If you bought it out the blow, when you got it from the blow
Then that's why the f_ck they call that sh_t blow money
Still the realest n_gga in this, y'all know it
Carrying one hundreds 'til the day I came through
N_gga hit me up saying "going out of town"
So I threw him fifty thou, told him "bring me back two"
Not only got my fingers crossed, I prayed
Caught his little piece up, got laid
Then he walked in, threw them both on the table said
"F_ck that sh_t, young n_gga get paid"
Then I whipped the Benzo on Lorenzo
Stay down n_gga you don't talk like ten toes
Hoes see me in this big pretty mothaf_cka
Bet I leave the parking lot with about ten hoes

[Hook: Jeezy]
I done seen it all
Yay stack seven feet tall
Swear it look white like a wall
What you know about thumbing through them hunnits, twenties and them fifties
Spending tens and the fives at the mall?
I done seen it all

[Bridge: Jay-Z]
20/20 Pyrex vision
Catch your contact standing next to my kitchen
Hear the 20s, 50s, hundreds, the money machine clickin'
And my Rollie ain't tickin', I ball
I done seen it all

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Uncle died on the spot
Pop killed the family with heroine shots
Gave my life to the block
Figured I get shot least I die on top
I came alive in the drop
Big body all white sh_t looked like a yacht
I got a five on the pop
I had a plug in Saint Thomas on a trillion, watch
Flew him back to the states park 92 bricks in front of 5 60 state
Now the Nets a stone throw from where I used to throw bricks
So it's only right I'm still tossing 'round Knicks
Probably want your auntie a couple bags
I'll probably front your uncle a couple halves
I was in the S-Class you was just in class
You know I was finna blow like a meth lab
Expanded the operation out in Maryland
Meeting Emory Jones in the caravan
Took the show on the road out in VA
Dropped a couple Rollie in the PA
Plug got shot started slowing up
Took a trip down to see how he was holding up
The wars on now he got shot again
This time he was gone for good then we got it in
Henry got knocked we was down 10
The whole team hot wars closing in
N_gga's can't tell me sh_t about this dope game
'Bout this c_caine, man I done seen it all



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