Snow Go - Young Jeezy

[Intro x6]
Snow, Snow Go

[Hook : Jeezy]
First you open up the bricks, see the logo
C_caine prices up and down, yeah its pogo
Fresh Louis V b_tton down no Polo
That's a snow go, snow go, Yeah a snow go
First you open up the brick see the logo
Snow go, that's a snow go
See the flakes in this b_tch that's a snow go

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Ain't nobody trippin', money already made
And the plug ain't trippin, he already paid
Talking white home jerseys, them Atlanta Hawks
Twenty seven a kilo-gram that Atlanta chalk
Bout to knock em' all off, this a murder scene
Until there's nothing in the bag, that b_tch is murder clean
My n_gga f_ck what you heard these n_ggas barely happen
My n_gga f_ck what you heard this the birdy captain
Follow Ben Walt to get a few snapbacks
And all they scream is snow, please bring the trap back
Broke an eighteen down into eight teens
Was working with an eighteen when I was eighteen

[Hook: Jeezy]

[Verse 2: Slick Pulla]
F_ck a green light see this a snow go
Got us some walkie-talkies for the po-po
I'm fresh as hell, YSL
I drop it in the pot and watch that girl swell
When I'm dropping on the block they say "that boy hell"
Young hard ass n_gga man, that boy shell
See thru top, yeah I'm bail swell
Blowing loud in traffic, n_gga f_ck jail
I hit him in the chest, he couldn't exhale
Kinda clumsy with the K, but grip that fin well
And every time I hit that [??], man it fish-tail
A snow go, bring the Glock, we got them big scales

[Hook: Jeezy]

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