Streets on Lock - Young Jeezy

[Verse 1:]
These N_ggas Jus Hatin They Aint Talkin Bout Shyt(Shyt)
Ima Grown Azz Man I Flip My Own Bricks(Eyy)
I Dont Need Yo Help I Can Own My Own D_ck(Haha)
Aint No Muthaf_cka Help Me Write My Rhymes(Nope)
Aint Nan N_gga Pay For My Studio Time(Naw)
See Me At The Top Wanna Claim My Fame(Damnn)
N_gga Took My Chain Ya Muthaf_ckin Right(Right)
U Betta Off Sayin A N_gga Took My Life(Yaaa)
Ya Wanna Sasinate My Character But I Aint Actin(Eyyyy)
It Aint Addin Up So U N_ggas Subtractin(Chea)
Big Said It First Mo Money Mo Problems(Problems)
The Way I See It Mo Problems Mo Money(Eyyy)

I Got The Streets On Lock Atlanta On My Back
I Do It For Tha Hood U Gotta Problem Wit Dat
Real N_ggas Alwayz Rap Shyt Easy
When I Speak These N_ggas Belive Me Cuz B_tch Im Jeezy

[Verse 2:]
Eyes Wide Shut I Dont See Dese N_ggas(No)
Cuz Deep N Ya Heart Ya Wanna B Me N_gga(Yaaaa)
Wanna Stand In My Shoes Wanna F_ck My Hoes(Eyy)
Wanna Live My Life Wanna Rock My Shows(Nooo)
Ya Young Punks Wit Cha Loose Ass Lips(Whew)
I Keep A A-R Wit Them Loose Ass Clips(Pow)
What Type Of Real N_gga Name Himself Afta A Bag(Huh?)
N_gga You's A Hoe A Louis Vuitton Fag(Haha)
My Name Aint D_ck So Keep It Out Ya Mouth(Damnnn)
It Is What It Is Look I Am Tha South(Dat's Right)
Big Mack You N_ggas Small Fries(Yaaaa)
U Just Anotha N_gga Im Mo Lyke A Franchize(Dats Wutsup)


[Verse 3:]
I Was Born In The Fields Raised In Atlanta
Pop Bust A Nut Years So I Waz Made In Atlanta

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