This One's for You - Young Jeezy feat Trick Daddy

Good evening ladies and gentleman
We like to thank yall for coming out tonight

This ones for you for you for you for you for you

[YOUNG JEEZY - Chorus]
I'm blowin good yea I smoke it by tha zone
And when them n_ggas call I don't pick up my phone
N_ggas actin like broads make me pick up my tone
I had a lil time so I wrote a lil song
Yea this ones for you f_ck n_ggas f_ck n_ggas
Yea I'm talkinn bout them f_ck n_ggas f_ck n_ggas
Yea this ones for you f_ck n_ggas f_ck n_ggas
Yea I'm talkinn bout them f_ck n_ggas f_ck n_ggas
This ones for you

I'm high southwest jizzle when your flight land
I don't know b_tch I might fly to england
Hit tha highway with tha change yea tha change man
I done it my way with them thangs change tha game plan
Had these n_ggas tellin lies they just sound true
N_gga if you had it like that n_gga I would of found you
I'm tryin to cash out a hunned lemme get a buck
Must of been just like you n_gga fake as f_ck
Getem home and they probably all sheet rock
They sellin bullsh_t f_ckinn up tha street stock
You livinn mine and yours that's a double dip
That synthetic ass sh_t we call it double whip
And n_gga nuthinn beat tha cross but tha double cross
I ran tha streets and rap b_tch ima double boss
Tha n_gga cashed out once I sent tha double off
They knocked em off half way I took a double loss

[YOUNG JEEZY - Chorus]

Lets put these n_ggas on tha stand
Now stand up and be a man
Raise your hand and swear you were ma number one fan
And I'm still that same n_gga you still that same n_gga
But at tha same time I'm startinn to get bad vibes
What I owe you sumthinn n_gga thats what you act like
Ain't like them other n_ggas boy you better act right
Tha first two years of your deal ride ya traininn wheels
And then you graduated and lived how real n_ggas lived
And I ain't dissin naw I ain't dissin
But when you sit back an listen
This what tha rap game is missin
I'm used to thug n_ggas
Its to many young n_ggas with
Too much liquor too many drugs in em
Too many cliqs too much swag now
Too many n_ggas swearinn tight shirts and skinnys
Walked around with they ass out
Yall better cash out
Gone put yo cash up
Cause I'm all in if I don't win
N_gga ima mask up

[YOUNG JEEZY - Chorus]

Hardest part of life n_ggas cant play they role
Errbody wanna ride tha train but don't wanna pay tha toll
Keep it going young boy you on a roll
Hoe n_gga magazine you tha center fold
U can check tha resume n_gga I'm good as gold
Lawn chair ass n_ggas all they do is fold
N_gga you talkin with emotion you emotional
U might can get a lil light feelin promotional
Tell me what you see when you lookin ina mirror
Look at this hoeass n_gga I couldn't said it clearer
And you tha same n_gga started up this jewelry game
And when you see him nowaday that n_gga jewelry lame
Ain't got it by now n_gga you ain't got it
And n_gga why you talkin like that cause b_tch you ain't bout it
And n_gga how you doin now worst than before
And b_tch we winning over here I'm be keeping score

[YOUNG JEEZY - Chorus]

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