Type of Party - Young Jeezy feat Que, Pewee Longway, Offset

[Hook - Que:]
I guess you thought a n_gga 'bout to pay for it?
Naw little b_tch, this ain't even that type of party
Oh you thought a n_gga was a sweet lick, huh?
No n_gga, this ain't even that type of party
You f_cked up tryin' pass me the mid little n_gga
Naw this ain't even that type of party
I'mma tell you like it is, give a f_ck what you thought, n_gga
This ain't even that type of party [x3]
This ain't even that type of party little b_tch
This ain't even that type of party [x3]
This ain't even that type of party my n_gga
This ain't even that type of party

[Peewee Longway:]
This ain't even type of party, jugging with the carter
Surveillance on my trap, it's full of gangsters, full of robbers
Chalupas in the water
Hit em with the egg beater, get the trap started
Longway be touching down with the pack in Illinois
Double parking in valet, [?] double up
Trap out the real, that b_tch give that ho a buck
B_tch think she caught a man cause she seen the [?]
She fishing my ankle, little bitty b_tch I'm a star
I get in the kitchen, go to whipping the water
Trigger finger get to itching when they talk about robbing
Yellow tape, first 48, chilling
Young thug motivating lil n_gga
Trapping in the trenches with the snow lil n_gga
It ain't the type of party but I came with 2 b_tches
Longway help [?] white, Migos came with the Pippen
Balenciaga stepping, I be dripping with the Crip


This ain't even that type of party
You know I'm a sergeant, I keep me a carter
Don't get it twisted because a n_gga is a artist
I be coming through your window like I'm Roger
I started off trapping and I was posted at the park
N_gga run off with the work and now we swimming with the sharks
.44 bulldog, bet that b_tch bark
I was raised in the jungle, it's a lion in my heart
What these n_ggas thinking, my diamonds got n_ggas blinking
B_tches at that the condo, they f_cking, they s_ck my semen
If you don't know how to cook it I can give you the ingredients
When I got a show they jumping up and down like EDM
They say we ain't gon' spray, I say my n_ggas gon' graffiti him
My n_ggas hungry, put them on a plate, I bet they eating them
No piano but you know we got the keys
N_gga tried to sell a n_gga mid, n_gga please!


You looking at the Rolex wearing
Half a Nets game and I can't forget the Rolls Royce driving
I said ya know how it goes, but a pack touchdown
Get the work in that phone like Verizon
Throw a block party n_gga yeah n_gga wanna split
N_gga right down the middle like a kitkat
I'm on 285 right never getting rental
And I'm I'm riding round with the sit pack
Any n_gga ride with me, give a f_ck bout Giuseppe's
They run up on ya Cortes
See mothaf_ckas don't know sh_t about snow
I'll run up on ya in some [?]
I said blow [?] automatic store
Swear the sh_t jumping out the bowl my n_gga
Had to call it in back then my n_gga
Been praying in the mothaf_cking water all day
I'm suprised ain't grow me a fin my n_gga
What you know about an all white [?]
Break the whole thang down, take a 250 of it
Then you have the rest of it like it's Easter


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