Excuse Me Shawty - Youngbloodz feat Lil Scrappy

excuse me shawty get the f_ck out of my face
before we get mad and shoot up the whole place
im sometin like a pimp thats why u b_tch in my face so slow down partner before i catch anotha case

(sean paul)
im neva goin back ima get it how i live
just last year i was busy countin a mill
i moved out da hood and now my house is on a hill
and i aint takin shots b_tch my jewelry all real
first class trips when i pimped outta town
fine yellow b_tch when a n_gga touch down
five star wolves when a n_gga need rest
he buy a four five b_tches when a n_gga need six
i rocka every year and i dont wear rolex
and i baby deep a b_tch dis a whole chick
so n_gga dont flex cuz im down for a call
my pistol in my pants barely hanging by my balls
and if it get crunk from the weather to the wild
ima pull it out and tell a n_gga asshole
and if it aint needed smack his ass in a mall
and east side stamp his ass till he pass out

Chorus (x2)

(lil' Scrappy)
haters in my town
n_gga wanna shoot u up then steal ma smile like u r not yall nigas gon clown
atleast tell when u wanna f_ck around
i made a move then ima sprank and bussin
its cuz you girlfriend was tryna sell me sometin
im showin hood love and i aint seeing notin back
can you please tell me wat part of the game is dat
im not hard but im realy in ur act
with the old 57 i bet i make you do it like dat
straight b_tt naked hittin u mothafuka from the back
hookin my enemies down like a game of track
yeah , 1 n_gga, 2 n_gga, 3 n_gga me
yall n_ggas frontin wit no one up toolery
so wat ur girlfriend got to do with me
lil scrappy gettin cash and cut your throat for free

Chorus (x2)

see im a big time playa i kno u heard bout me
its been a while since the last time so neva doubt me
im rollin wit n_ggas whose kool is down to do whateva
just for da love like a cuz and i aint gon need no chedda
so wats ya issue how u feelin aint a thang n_gga
its east side ATL its wat i claim n_gga
so fall back take that beside ur head see
we run this sh_t and stomp them bladder till their noe bleed
f_ck wat u talkin then ur partner then whose a dog
we in the club get crunk drankin for all of yall
i representin ill let you know just how we do it big
and give a damn bout wat they say and i neva did
cuz im gon keep on doing wat the f_ck i gotta do
ride clean set my bretta keep a brand new pair of shoes
so how u love dat we back up still a pin of miss
storin up some sh_t straight stripes and neva pikin up our mess

Chorus (x2)

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