Antipode - Your Demise

No love

Everything you ever took from me
Think you finally found what hurts
Could never see hes coming back to me
You'd be the one to be there first

Your Broken down theres nothing you can do
Then you tell me your done and I resent you
For everything you've done
For you play the part but could never be broken

When I sold my soul
This took out everything from me
Now do I like her back to every aset grain
Trying to get to her friends but I ain't as close
You try to smile jessy joe with no life in your face

Cause everything you ever took from me
You never made a moment since
It's still hard to put out your spitting lies
But still your thoughts pretends

How was I not to flee
Does that mean the world to you
And I get back on the line
And here are you to say f_ck you
It's all for you [?]

A mode of error gotta see from the top
So you spot everything you lost
When your down in your room with nothing to believe
Want some self respect take your heart off your sleeve
Cause you've gave your lease to faithfully
And then they straight out lazy
People don't come that easy

But now your sh_t and down right fake
And you show the world who you really are
You have to talk to yourself
You miss everyone around you
Who you ever had
Your blood has truly stopзed

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