Curl up and Die - Your Demise

After all i'd done for you
No matter how hard i tried
It wouldn't matter to me much right now
If you curled up and died
It's nearly a year on, and i'd wiped you from my mind
I'm so f_cking glad i turned you down, than kept you by my side

Still don't know what you put me through
Cos you're a f_cking callous b_tch
Is it you're thick or just innocent?
Well your purity makes me itch

I know it was bullsh_t when you were f_cking around behind my back
Always leaving me in the lurch and you thought i'd have you back?
You think you're doing fine, well not last time i checked
You're leaving your friends behind, and looks like your life is next
You know it's bullsh_t, what you're about
I've no respect for your way of life
Cos you're a down and out

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