Diamons Are Forever Your Fucking Not - Your Demise

The clocks been ticking for a very long time
You've tried our patience, in your heart this has died
You just amused us with the sh_t and the lies
But now you're gone this is something you can't lay to rest

We've come this far
You can only make us stronger!

It's not about friendship
It's the way we want to go
You played us for fools and you f_cking know
as long as I live i won't let this go
This is one thing I've always been sure of
One thing I've always known
That will be there with my true friends
A show doesn't end at the end of our set
I hope you'll look back soon and f_cking regret the friends we've made
How you moved away, you left our side and made no effort to stay

F_cking prick
You said you tried
But it wasn't enough
I won't be saying sorry
Cos it's f_cking tough
Now you've departed the same f_cking way
You followed his tracks
Now you're dead to us, so f_cking GO!

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