Fuck Everyone - Your Demise

If you know me by now, you should know the way i think
I'm not a totally arrogant cunt but my attitude f_cking stinks

I always mean what i say and do but these are my opinions they're not the truth
I just open my mouth and let f_cking loose
You can think what you want, it's your choice so choose
Don't expect me to change my ways
With these foolish thoughts is the way i'll stay
Even if your advice has a logical path
I'll just point my finger and f_cking laugh

You're talking over me and say i do the same to you
I have no respect what you think, so what would you expect me to do?
You f_cking hypocrite
You think you're something great
But this ironic bullsh_t is my disguise for hate

I've made up my mind
I'm only telling you once
Maybe you'll soon find out i've been the prick you always thought i was
I always say what's on my mind
I'll only tell you my opinions
Not the truth.

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