Fuckin Niggaz Bitches - 21 Savage

I'm sippin' act I'm sippin' act
This sh_t here worth more than c_caine
Come get your hoe I got your hoe
She say she wanna hang with the gang
I wanna bentley I want a rarri
Wanna buy my b_tch a ring
Yeah I'm fresh up out the trap but
B_tch I'm dressed in balmain
You n_ggas know I rep that murdaterri
Risin' like hussein
And my n_ggas jugggin', servin'
Boldercrest to oakland lane
Trappin' hard I'm trappin' hard
My money taller than jermaine
Them young n_gga ready to roll ya
Give a f_ck about yo stain
I hit yo hoe for about an hour
Took a shower then I changed
And I gave her a few hundred
Cause I didn't have no change
I spent a 20 on a rollie
With no diamonds it was plain
No the feds investigating
But I'm stiffer than a manne

F_cking n_ggas b_tches [x12]
F_cking all these b_tches [x4]

F_ckin' n_ggas b_tches
Countin' all these digits
I gave that hoe a cross
Since she wanna act like a pigeon
B_tch I'm 21 savage
All my cases get dismisses'
Ridin' with yo baby moma
She gonna blow me like a whistle
I pulled up on yo b_tch
She s_cked my pickle for a nickle
I still don't trust these b_tches
So I hit her with my pistol
You know slaughter gang with me
Put some shots inside your temple
Still that same young n_gga
Come through bustin' like a pimple
I'm pourin' syrup in my double cup
She asked to hit my cup
Told that b_tch she hit my double cup
She gotta let me f_ck
I don't give a f_ck
Still runnin' off with n_ggas bucks
Jump out the cut
With the forty tucked n_ggas better duck
Hundred rounds from out that choppa'
Ambulance gonna pick him up
N_gga miss me with that rap sh_t
I'll still hit you up
That's on my momma
I was robbin I was takin' I was young
I swear to god a 50 slab of
Summer mid that was my bond

F_cking n_ggas b_tches [x12]
F_cking all these b_tches [x4]

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