Oh Ok - 21 Savage

Carbon 15 on em
AR 15 on em
Got that Glock with the beam on it
Every n_gga on my team want it
Oh, you a gangsta? You a savage now?
You ain't never sprayed a hundred rounds
Last n_gga tried to gun me down
Left his body in the lost and found
Zone 6 sh_t b_tch
Who the f_ck told you sh_t was sweet?
Who the f_ck want smoke with me?
N_gga barking up the wrong tree
Everybody want to hold nuts on Young Savage
Probably cause your b_tch wanna f_ck Young Savage
All these p_ssy n_ggas acting like they really trapping
You got one more strike f_ckboy and I'ma whack you
But a n_gga watch blinging, take it
But a n_gga chain blinging, take it
Said he got a bankroll, take it
And yo' shooters ain't gon' do nothing
F_ck the glamour and the glitz
B_tch I keep extended clip
I keep extended clip
I love my extended clip
15 got my first trap spot
I beat that motherf_cker out
19 n_ggas tried to jump me in the club
I aired that motherf_cker out
You ain't 'bout that sh_t that you rapping 'bout
N_gga tell the truth, what you capping 'bout?
N_gga f_ck the rap, we can clap it out
I take the 30 out and gonna slap you out
Pay attention man these n_ggas really weird
P_ssy ass n_gga gotta [?]
B_tch ass n_gga
Snitch ass n_gga
I take pictures with my hand on my hip ass n_gga
When it gets real I'ma gon' and dip ass n_gga
East Atlanta [?] to get your flip fast n_gga
Got your b_tch swallowing cum like some slim fast n_gga
21 Gang and we don't throw no white flags n_gga

B_tch, b_tch!
A lotta um fake you know what I'm saying beef
Or whatever the f_ck y'all call it
N_gga, we don't beef n_gga
We just eat n_gga
And keep it moving n_gga
21 Savage
Slaughter King
Still on that bullsh_t
Still keep a full clip, ya dig?
Still give ya p_ssy ass a face lift n_gga

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