Wow - 21 Savage

Wow [x16]
I just pulled up in a wow (wow)
Then I pulled off in a wow (wow)
Hit your b_tch up in a wow (wow)
Then she s_ck me up like wow (wow)
21, wow [x7]

Thumbing through that check wow (wow)
Thumbing through that sh_t like wow (ow)
I just spent that sh_t like wow (wow)
Then I got it back like wow (wow)

I just f_cked your b_tch like wow (wow)
Let me nut all on her blouse (blouse)
Twenty thousand wow (wow)
Fifty thousand wow (wow wow)
Pull up on your p_ssy ass and drop the window Bloah (Bloah)
B_tch you know I'm high, you know I be high
Why you pouring all that codeine in that sprite, why (21)
Sonny brought, percocets, and lortabs, why (21)
All these damn drugs make me feel like I can fly (yeah)
B_tch my name ain't Plies, I dare a n_gga to try (21 21)
I told that b_tch keep it pushing cause her p_ssy dry (21)
I'm slaughter gang b_tch your hair smell like old fries (b_tch)
In my pocket I got none but them old guys (lil' b_tch)
Stankin' ass b_tch, You know I do this sh_t 21 (21)


Skrt, Skrt, Skrt, Skrt
Got it right back (21)
F_cked your hoe then I gave that b_tch right back (What)
Ran off with your money told you I be right back [?]
You pull down in the wrong 'partments with that nice check (21)
Young savage on that slaughter gang sh_t(sh_t sh_t)
All my n_ggas on that slaughter gang sh_t (Slaughter your daughter)
Slaughter your daughter and slaughter your b_tch and then slaughter your clit (21 21)
Pull up in the 'parments with that jewelry you get hit (Ploah)
I got a scripper but I call that b_tch a dancer (a dancer)
Man these b_tches got no stamina (no stamina)
Broke ass b_tch I heard you getting [?]
And Young savage in this b_tch hey roll that gas up (hey roll that gas up)
I'm trapping, capping, n_ggas still getting guap (guap)
She licking, spitting, lick all on the cock (the cock)
I pull up to valet and then I drop the top (21)
If you wanna ride with me you gotta be topless

Shawty gonna turn it around and drop it to the floor
N_gga like whoa (got a n_gga like whoa)
Got a n_gga like whoa (She got a n_gga like whoa)
Like wow (like wow)
She turn around and had me like wow (like wow)
I'm throwing ones n_gga like wow
Ten thousand like wow (like wow)
Another ten like wow (like wow)
She had a n_gga like wow (she had a n_gga like wow)
God damn baby wow
Wow, wow, wow, wow
Wow, wow


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