On Any Given Night - 36 Crazyfists

Could I be any further along when a room leaves nothing?
We close our eyes to avoid the sound.
You were traveling by an aeroplane over the ocean.
I was deciding the way to perform the rescue.
Could I be any more this way, done starting over.
The silence in you, and this could be, and this could be the hardest thing to leave without a single trace.
Here without you, I fall apart.
Sleeping in the water so warm in a dream so stalking.
Dancing in darkness with the air so alive, believing.
I have been here more than I?d like to, but it's the only way I know how to rescue.
Wake me up {when it?s over}.
Turn down the lights, don't wait for me,
{we?ll place these stars inside our hearts},
I?m pretty sure I won't be coming home tonight.

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