Scripture - 6lack

Now, why you can't take what I've been through
[?] never went through what I went through
Came, up, uh

Ay, I want more
Until I get it I won't slow
I'm on tour
Opening some brand new doors
On top, but we came from the floor
Do you believe in foresight?
(I do. Hm-hm. Cause I can't ignore life)
Look, I wrote this in a hotel the size of a closet
Just to show you that I could do it
Just to show you that it ain't much to it
If you got your hand out, don't be surprised when I look at you stupid
Where were you and when there was me and the music?
Don't compare me to no n_gga that I'm better than
Still new, but my attitude veteran
And ain't nothing wrong with it
Since six I knew I was gon' get it
I ain't working till my palms start itchin'
Ever since a n_gga put a gun to my face
That sh_t that really make you think, yeah
I was thinking 'bout my kid, yeah
Sixteen, didn't even have a kid, yeah
Them bullets really how you thinking about your unborn
Imagine if my whole life was untorn
Imagine when the car flip
Don't call it [?]
Of blessing that is ain't gone yet

I've been getting closer to God (yeah)
Not a script show, we been talking direct (pretty line)
Same for me and I see you closer to God (yeah, word)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm on pace
I figured out the sh_t ain't no race
Up the stakes
Got hungry, then I scrape the plate
It ain't hard for me to change my ways
Do you believe in foresight?
(I do. Hm-hm. Cause I cannot ignore life)
Look, the plain field ain't never been even
I ain't bout to make that sh_t either
See, I'm tryna copy my aura, they some readers
Study all you want, but I came up outta freezer
Getting bred across the mediterranean like [?]
You a heat seeker, speak up
N_ggas telling me to speed up
You can fit your talent in a beat cup
Leaders of the new school, I think they need us
But first, let me light my weed up
My intuition ain't never let me astray
With all this sh_t on my plate
Think I be running in place
But I step to that mirror, look myself in the face
Can nobody take my place [?]
You can try, you contest
You get sent to the Gods
I'mma R&B n_gga with a hip-hop core
(Ha-ha. said I'mma R&B n_gga with a hip-hop core, yeah
We just had to do that [?])

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