Didn't Wanna Do That - A$AP Ferg

[Verse 1]
They told me West got robbed (Damn)
Where the f_ck them n_ggas be at
They took the chain up off his neck
I heard the mac started running laps
Oh, what the f_ck are they goin' to do that
My n_gga got stuffed he didn't want to view that
I herd they had guns I didn't want to use that
I ain't want to see Tom in the f_cking boo cap
What about Lil Mitt were the f_ck he was at
That n_gga too little, they ain't want to do that
They got more hearts then most of them cats
If he had that thing, that thing go blat
Lil young trap lord with a little backpack
Feel at his pulse with a bunch of big gats
They ain't want to do that


[Bridge x4]
Semi auto tech
Guns go flirt

And another one squirt

[Verse 2]
Linches on my mind
And now they got my brother
Thinking about picking up my nine
And making them f_ckers lick the blood up
No need for wasting time
Them n_ggas gon' get it one way or another
You want to live the street life
Go ahead go ahead

[Verse 3]
Yo wicked blown living that street life
You can't live long living this street life
Got to watch your moms in this street life
They'll come to your home in that street life
4 flip from the chrome in that street life
Your chromosomes all on that street life
Some body gon' die
Body on ice

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