Mad Man - A$AP Ferg feat Playboi Carti

[Playboi Carti:]
Whatchu know man it's A$AP, n_gga
It's ASAP n_gga stop all that goofy sh_t
N_gga, f_ck yo squad n_gga

[A$AP Ferg:]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Spent 50k on the Rollie
She brought it and my b_tch broke it
She sayin' she ain't even notice
But her p_ssy wet like the ocean
(Swim, swim, swim)
(Margiela, Mad Man!)
Master Bruce, yeah I'm the coldest
Master Bruce, yeah I'm the coldest
Margiela and that Rick Owens
I'm f_cking her friend and she know it
Margiela, mad
My jewelry stone cold like Steve Austin
Don't care for no b_tch we just toss 'em
Millionaire, still live in Harlem
(Uh, yeah)
There in your hood
Riding up to a bodega
Fergie 'gone blow like Omega
This ain't no game, like ain't no SEGA
Even though that beef old I don't care
I will not f_ck with the Raiders
Second deal out with Adidas
Fergie done got him a sneaker
Making a b_tch sing like Aretha
I'm f_cking your b_tch when you eat her
You cuffing that b_tch like you need her
Yamborghini with Aaliyah
Rest in peace until I see ya
(Margiela, mad... man!)

[Playboi Carti:]
Yuh, yuh, yuh
Poppin' these pills in my coupe
I'm on the roof, move like I'm Batman
Um, damn, what
Margiela madman
(Margiela, mad!)
Ooh, ooh, ooh
These n_ggas they stealing my flow, talking bout huh [?]
I'm stealing your hoe
Take her to the pad
She getting lit, she tryna s_ck on the d_ck
She wanna s_ck on this d_ck, s_ck like a tick
S_ck like a tick, s_ck on this sh_t
Give her to clique
Give em the clip
Get on your knees, pray for the d_ck
Pray for this sh_t, pray for the clique, pray for my n_ggas
I got my hand on the trigger, I got my hand on her p_ssy
All of these n_ggas they p_ssy
He run away like a wuss
I got the paper like books
I can't pull up b_tch I'm booked
Walked in that b_tch and the b_tches they looked
All of these n_ggas, these n_ggas they shook
29 hop on the tour, watch this lil boss while I make a lil call

N_gga, f_ck yo squad
A$AP n_gga

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