Dump Dump - A$AP Ferg

[Verse 1:]
Her hands all on my fade, b_tch pop that ass in the coup
That b_tch got Lisa Leslie money, she balling, Cheryl Swoops
She keep rubbing her nose, I can tell she wanna snoop
That coke make my d_ck numb, she put it all in her glutes
Feel like Bishop from Juice, gun all in my boot
Sayonara feeling sauna when I blast that ass with that Uz', ooh
Blast that ass with that Uz', better hope to God it ain't you
Trap Lord with about ten jeeps, no telling what I might do
I f_cked your b_tch, n_gga and she about to f_ck my crew
She just finished with Twelvyy and now she off to loot
P_ssy-ass n_gga wearing all black, claim they off to shoot
I pray to God he ain't lying, my gorillas live in the zoo
I got killers with the deuce-deuce, them Tan Boys my n_ggas
They gon' ride with me too, bust they nines with me too
That's my bilingual crew, who do sign language true
Bandannas in they pockets, how the f_ck we gon' lose?

I f_cked your b_tch, n_gga, I f_cked your b_tch
I f_cked your b_tch, n_gga, I f_cked your b_tch
She s_ck my d_ck, n_gga, she s_ck my d_ck
She s_ck my d_ck, n_gga, she s_ck my d_ck
Ride around town with about 100 n_ggas
When you see me come around, don't try to run up on a n_gga
Fo', pow, lay 'em down, now you six feet under, n_gga
If you flip some type of weight, let me see you dump n_gga

[Verse 2:]
Ride around my city, feeling like P. Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, n_gga, no pocket, no Biggie
Spilling on, my teeth hurt but these grills worth a milli
I was in the club, I seen the whole thing, I was right next to Meek Milly
Shout outs my n_gga Chrissy, don't bug over these b_tches
I ain't f_cking with these ratchet hoes, I put a slug in these b_tches
Pop a pill in her asshole, put drugs in these b_tches
Impress my girl, she fine as f_ck so I ain't loving these b_tches
I just be f_cking these b_tches, ain't no love for these b_tches
Diamond dollers, that Fergenstein, I DDP on these n_ggas
Feel the heat when it bigger, bullet creeped to his window
N_gga I'm going double wood, f_ck around and catch a splinter
Nine milli, my n_gga, get hung, high ceiling, my n_gga
All the macks in they Maybachs, no 550, my n_gga
They saying Ferg went from "Kissin' Pink" to a Young 50, my n_gga
I'm in court for your b_tch ass, real sh_t, my n_gga


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