Fuck out My Face - A$AP Ferg feat B-Real, Onyx & Aston Matthews

Get the f_ck out my mothaf_ckin' face

[Verse 1: B-Real]
Who's Dr. Greenthumb, anybody seen him
Not another white b_tch, time for a re-run
Need some green sum, seen some homie
Send you a ton but I keep some homie
King of Queens, look on your blades
Whole team on lean on peace of sway
The ghetto and the pump got a critter on splatter
Have another hit but I want to hit the shatter
Dabbing all night really got me fadded
Take a hit of my sh_t feel upgraded
Twist that sh_t like your weed got braided
Chilling in the palm trees feeling real shaded
Pass that sh_t like a deadly virus
She want to hit, that's Miley Cyrus
Head so hard, my God, she likes this
Change that chick's name to Miley Cypress

[Verse 2: Ferg]
A$AP Ferg, A$AP mobbin'
B_tches on my ballsack wanna n_gga martian
And a Miss America, picking any target
B_tch give me long neck like an ostrach
Aston Matthew in an Aston Marton, driving retarded
Sipping on that Crissy cause a n_gga really ballin'
Headed to the telly with a bunch of Kelly Clarksons
They love that I'm from Harlem, don't let them see your [?]
Another broad and kiss and massage 'em
Give them booty shots might Nicki Minaj 'em
Don't let 'em get me hard then
Tell they freind give me jaws like a shark finn
You'll play Halle Berry in Monster Ball and
I'll be trap lord Billy Bob Thorton

[Verse 3: Aston Matthews]
Oh, sh_t, who let these Hulk Hogan hoes in with nose and chest open
That water hoes got us sipping, that molly may got us dripping
I get that A$AP, A$AP, take naps from the K clap, I'll bring it
Where you lay at, gang colder than face off, you don't want to face that
Got these hoes dripping out the four socks, 44's get the 4's off
Four boats so the hoes drop, that rose gold keep it don't stop
Haaan, molly party, molly party, them b_tches know
It's a molly party, dodging cases cause I'm dropping bodies
#1 Stunna camoflage Hummer, nose job had to paint white for the summer
I'm a hitstick drummer, havey weight triple H hall of fame head hunter
Minivan gram Van Damme hand in hand in the Trans-Am
Choppas [?] Hammer time Ham dance, put that p_ssy on a hand stand


[Verse 4: Fredro Starr (Sticky Fingaz)]
Better get the f_ck out my face with all that
Or get a broken beat down with a baseball bat
Fergs said call a n_gga A$AP back
Oh, just looking for is baseball bat
I'm a thug with a baseball cap
Got a bad b_tch slim waist from the back
Ass ain't fat but her face all that
Oh, she like to f_ck in my baseball cap
(I'm a CBGB crazy balled head grimy bastard
No PG, she be a b_tch that's going to get blasted
So don't set trip cause I love to trip, my n_ggas trip acid
I don't give a f_ck if it's big real, your titties coulda been plastic)
B_tch you didn't ask my gangs official
Mad faced n_gga with anger issues
Hundred mad n_gga got a gang of pistols, blaow
Now how the f_ck can a stranger miss you
(My whole set ganged up, play your self get banged up
Suicide you get hanged up, she done f_ck the crew she got ganged up)

Get the f_ck out my mothaf_ckin' face
Or pull the heat out my mothaf_ckin' waist
(Get the f_ck out my mothaf_ckin' face
Or pull the strap out my mothaf_ckin' waist)

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