Pedestrians is Another Word for Speedbump - Abandon All Ships

Take one last breath
You're about to jump to your death [x2]

Sail away from the shoreline
Sail away from the shore
I'm in front of Heavens door. [x2]

Captain Captain
Before the sail rips [x3]
Gasp for air

The current's strong,
the waves will rise
The binding chains made me realize
Sin is the anchor, holding me down.
I'm on a cruise to Paradise.
I'm done with sin I've paid my price.
God is our captain,
change your direction

Look what we've built, walking the plank of guilt. [x2]
Look what we've built, walking blindfolded.

Look what we've built, walking on the plank of guilt. [x3]

Who parts the sea?
Choose your side.
So come with me.
You decide. [x2]

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