Slaughter The Pope - Ad Hominem

A New Race For A New World (2003)

1. Closing Ranks
2. Nuclear Black Metal Kampf
3. Ad Hominem
4. Ritual Of The Depraved
5. Arbeit Macht Tod
6. The Dithyramb Of Sadism
7. Slaughter The Pope
8. Will The Power
9. On Your Ruins We March

1. Closing Ranks

2. Nuclear Black Metal Kampf

Cold rains of blood
Falling overnight
The persecuted mass
Is screaming of pain and despair
People running everywhere
The victory has begun
Unholy thoughts through deeds of wisdom

Human controlled intelligence
You're so corrupted, so complex
Making miracles
As the gods you had created
Look at what you've done
A dying world still praising tolerance
I vomit on your beliefs
On your future mongrel faggots sons

I hate you all

3. Ad Hominem

The quintessence
Of mediocrity
Is the monument
Of your mortality
Ashes you were, ashes you will be

The name of your god
The end of your world
I'll be the essence of your deliquescence

Your fall is my victory
I delight in this despicable painting
A.H. assaults sodomizing the weak
Your death is my glory
I delight in this manless reality

The absence
Of imperfection
Is the finality
Of my thoughts
Conscience I was, omniscience I'll be

The fate of my flesh
The date of my death
You will suffer the wrath of my will

4. Ritual Of The Depraved

Everyday eating excrements
Kneeled your head in the bog
Hard or soft no importance
Taking pleasure in decadence
Children and professional success
You're an example for society
But when your wife's away
The ritual takes place in sh_t

Orgies with animals
Horses, pigs, monkeys
Everything is permitted
Sub-humans reaching ecstasy
Covered by the spunk of beasts in fury
Victims of incest
Or just in search for new emotions
Not even a show of shame
Enjoy the ritual of the depraved

Fetishists obsessed by leather
With no more identity
Nothing but objects

You're the dregs of an already dying humanity
You're the cream of the most contemptible depravity

Feel my gun in your bloody asshole
This will be your last suffering
I'll no longer tolerate your sub-human deeds
You can be proud of your deviance
You'll never belong to my race

You're the dregs of an already dying humanity
You're the cream of the most contemptible depravity

Enter the ritual

5. Arbeit Macht Tod

Welcome to the last journey

No luggages needed
Come in, all! It's free
We invite your family
To join the herd of useless beings

Irrelevant hope
Blinding is your faith
Irrelevant hope
Your terminal's death

Arbeit Macht Tot

6. The Dithyramb Of Sadism

I like the smell of a dead child
Whose I cut the throat
After torturing him a bit
For nothing but pleasure

Innocence bleeds
As the feeble lamb lies
Sadism will lead us to glory

The sweetness of cruelty
The power of free will
Make me go into raptures
Why should I have mercy?
Through sadism I come

I wish death to all children
To all the weak worldwide

Death to all

7. Slaughter The Pope

Your senility reflects your dying religion
Decades of reign among the perverted lambs
Praising tolerance and forgiveness
But concealing Holy Inquisition's deeds

Shaking but never wanking
Anus of humanity

In the name of heathen ancestors I shoot the pope

Impotent pedophile pig
I'll cut your flaccid d_ck
And I'll nail it on your forehead
Does it remind you something?

I know you won't live for a long time now
But you don't even deserve one more day
Will your weak soul forgive me?
Of course not you master of hypocrisy

I'll pray for your pain
Tortured by the burnt heretics

Shoot the pope

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