Above The Law - Against All Authority

Couldn't get in the show
Hangin' out in the street
We had nowhere to go
In the Miami heat
We were just kickin' the sh_t
We were just out havin' fun
We didn't bother no one
Four punks in a park
A big stick in your hand
It was late it was dark
You had to prove your a man
You wear your badge with pride
A gun close by your side
You're just a pig motherf_cker
Just a pig
Above the law
You motherf_cker
You think you're big
You're f_ckin' nothing but a pig
You like to push us around
That's how you have your fun
You're the law in this town
You answer to no one
You swore to serve and protect
But who protects us from you
From me you'll get no respect
It's time to pay your dues
I think back to that night
Out in the cold dark street
I should have put up a fight
But my revenge will be sweet
You pushed too far this time
And I've committed no crime
You're gonna die pig
You're gonna die
In the shadows I hide
A blade close by my side
Under a blanket of night
I keep myself out of sight
Feel my blade at your throat
Now on your own blood you'll choke
Your wound pours out in a flood
I slip and slide on your blood
Your body drops with a thud
I push your face in the mud

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