Freedom - Against All Authority

Everyday i listened to you and nothing's ever good enough
you're always complaining about something you act so goddamn tough
but all you ever do is let someone do your thinking for you
and you have no respect for my opinion
well at least i think for myself i`m not brainwashed
to think like people that rule
i'm not a pool and i'll rise i wont compromise
and i'll never give up, i won't walk walk walk away
there won't be another day when i can say hey hey hey... freedom
you talk to me i see your lips move
but the words that come out aren't yours they're someone elses
you dangle from their strings beneath the wings
of the eagle you push but i'll never fall
i'm not the only one whose willing to stand up..
we've had enough your laws just benifit you
we watch you get richer as we get sicker
and we'll rise with battle cries and we'll never give up

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