Haymarket Square - Against All Authority

no one's gonna hold them down today they're ready to fight for their rights on may 3rd, 1888 chicago burned with the fire they lit the workers were on strike cause money's tight the pigs were out and looking for a fight they opened fire into the crowd a worker was hit and he went down no one's gonna hold them down no! they're gonna burn this f_ckin' town august spies denounced capitalism but he urged no violence he was addressing a crowd of workers the pigs ordered him silenced a bomb was thrown and the sirens wailed a pig laid dead and a were jailed that day the system failed you know it never fails if you think you can crush these ideas that are gaining ground more each day if death is the penalty for proclaiming truth then i'll proudly and defiantly pay four men were sentenced to death to set an example to all the rest who would dare to stand up and protest the injustices we all detest

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