Stand in Line - Against All Authority

You've worked your whole life and
you've got nothing to show stuck
in your life and you've got caught in the
undertow goin' down and gonna drown and
there's one thing I know I don't wanna
be like you hate yourself and you hate
what you've become and I hate it to and I
hate you and everyone that tries to stand
in my way because I won't succumb
Don't wanna be like you - give up your dreams
and stand in line wasting your life and
you're wasting time give up your dreams
and stand in line - what happened to
all you're hopes and dreams you're not
the same and now it seems you've forgotten
who you once were...that's so routine
Do you brag about it to you friends? how
rebellious you once were when it was the
trend but now it seems so adolescent
to offend...Don't wanna be like you

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