Under Your Authority - Against All Authority

Hate is what I feel for you
You're always telling me what to do
I punch the clock wish it was you
You've got me under your authority
You motherf_cker
Don't you talk down to me
Against the grain I stand
Against authority
Paybacks a b_tch
Just you f_ckin' wait and see
You've got me under your authority
I'm on the clock your on my ass
I see through you like broken glass
I'd rather be home smoking grass
I'm sick of workin' and sick of you
I hate this job I hate you too
So full of sh_t you know its true
I nod and smile you talk your sh_t
In your face
I'm gonna spit
I wanna f_ckin' bust your lip
We're not gonna obey
Your stupid f_ckin' rules
Workin' everyday
Another one of society's tools
It's time for me to stand and fight
Feel my hate and feel my knife
A smile on my face as I take your life

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