Walking Revolution - Against All Authority

I never do what I'm told
I'm a f_cking time bomb waiting to explode
I'm a walking revolution
I've git problems no solutions...damn
so you say I've got a problem with authority
well I just don't know what to do
cause all your rules & regulations
benefit no one but you
so I refuse to let you run my life
and be a rat in your race
so you'd better get outta my sight
before i f_ckin smash your face
Pressures & I'm gonna explode
I'm gonna grab my glock & empty my load
I'm stuck in a dead end job burger flipin
everybody's movin forward but i'm slipin
further further down with no hope
everydays a struggle I just can't cope
my heads a mess, I can't think straight
look into my eyes & all you see is hate

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