We Won't Submit - Against All Authority

You can close you eyes and pretend that everything's fine
but sooner or later you'll open your eyes
and reality will strike you blind
They're stealing all our money
and desroying all our scene
We're working hard to make them rich
with their get rich corporate schemes
We won't submit
They're full of sh_t
I'd rather die
Then live a lie
You bust your ass every week
you think that you are free
I want to take a f_ckin' gun
and shoot them in the head
cause I won't rest until the day
that I look out and see
the lawyers and the politicians
all lying around dead
Punks unite, show some might
don't go down without a fight
don't backdown, stand your ground
Let's go out and burn this town
we'll skank all night at the sight
of the city burning bright
All around you'll hear the sound
of the town burning down
Open your eyes, you work for the system
You're a tool, I can't take the lies
And if you believe them you're a fool
Can't you hear the cries
from the working class
the ones you rule
and you cannot hide
because we'll find you
It's time for us to fight
against everything that you stand for
Time to feel our might
gonna kick your ass and even the score
Burn everything in sight
break all of your windows
loot your stores
Gonna start tonight
We're hard to the core
It's time for you to pay
for the rotten sh_t that you have done
We won't fade away
our hate will burn you like the sun
We will seize the day
it's time for us to have some fun
We are here to stay
until we've f_ckin won
We're running out into the streets
to pick up sticks and stones
We'll wait outside your f_ckin' house
and break your f_ckin' bones
We won't listen to reason
cause it makes no sense at all
We will bring you f_ckin' down
and make you f_ckin' fall

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