Lyrics - Aitch feat RB

L Star, show these man, ya get me?

No one's f_cking with A-I
Shattering MC's lyrical frame by
F_cking up mic with a flow so sharp
White boy going hard, no one can explain why
I got this animalistic flow that eats up mans characteristics
So Aitch is going on cannibalistic, yo
Swear down, nobody stopping this
Tryna make movements, nobody's clocking it
Therefore I ain't gonna stop this sh_t 'til the virus spreads like a zombie apocalypse
Manna stay fly like rocket ships
You and I are the total opposites
Anyway, manna got (Manna got)
No one's f_ckin' with T-C-H
Man'll start ducking if he see this pace
Man go hard on the mic
Manna tell you straight in the meanest way
Then I blast man's face with the cleanest straight
Then a hook might leave man sleeping mate
Manna leave this state in a deeper state
Cah manna got lyrics on lyrics
But them man there spit gimmicks on gimmicks
So them man there get lyrically finished
Bin twenty MC's in under 10 minutes
And that's how deep it is
All this hate, I'm not feelin' it
People are so small-minded
Like Samurai said, fam, that's how real it is
F_ck it, killing with the bars and the flows
But the bars and the flows leave scars and holes
When I'm barring bro, manna parring so
If you wanna clash, lets clash, I'm on it
But Aitch is going on heartless bro
Man holla me now 'cause I'm doing my ting but where was you when I started bro?
Uh, let me go in, let me come right back
The first one wave dropped and still man are screaming "Bap, bap, bap"
Still man are screaming "A-I-t-t", still man's girlfriend playin' my track
She still wanna double tap on her Insta, she still wanna double tap on her back like bang
Lu-kang, already said that in the first vid but dun know already man a man merked it
Cah when I spray verses, manna get murdered
Man think they're bad chattin' 'bout big burners
Take a big L like rolling with learners
F_ck it
Cah manna got lyrics

I can do grime but I don't do it daily
If I do grime instead of being out on my grind then I know for a fact that it will not pay me, that sh_t's peak
I can bill a zoot of the cheese then jump on a beat
When you hear me speak, yo, lyrics get crazy
Eminem image, I'm Slim like Shady
I smoke buds that are big, smoke buds that are hazy
Tryna kick back and relax, will I bill my stack? I'm not tryna move lazy
I'm chillin' with my G's, putting weed in the sheets
Jump on a beat, go for it deep, then the beats left open
Call it a stab wound, buds get broken and put into a fat zoot
I keep smoking, but I don't have to
I'm just LOC'ing, wearing my tracksuit
'Cause a man's got lyrics
And I'm still with A-I-T
Image is notorious but I ain't no B.I.G

No, I ain't no B.I.G
Never will I chat to the P-I-G
Oi, come on man
Hold tight my brothers, you get me?
North Manny ting

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