When You Were My Girl - Anthony Callea

When you were my girl, there were times you'd look at me
And I knew exactly how it felt to be loved
When you were my girl, I don't know if I told you
But whenever I'd hold you, it scared me so much

You were all that I needed, you were all that I had
The one I could turn to, when the world had gone mad
And I guess I just wanted, for you to know that

Not a day goes by I don;t think of you
(Do you...ever...think of me when you're alone)
Or I don't ask myself why
(Do you...ever...wonder how things could have gone)
If everything's so perfect now
(Do you...ever...think of me and start to cry)
Why do I cry all the time
I didn't cry
When you were my girl
When you were my girl

When I was your man, if I took you for granted
Please understand it was my foolish heart
Girl you were my best friend, baby your love completed me
I loved you completely, just as you are

And if you couldn't feel that, then how I regret
That I never told you, all the things I should've said
But I guess that's one chance that I'll never get


And now I'm walking this world without you
And with every step I take
I find out every day
How much further my heart can break - oh yeah

I don't understand why
We let something so beautiful
Just fade and die
We should have tried
One more time
When you were my girl
When you were my girl

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