Death of a Nation - Anti-Flag

When all you need was a little motivation
They pointed fingers and yelled dead generation
When all you need was a little care
All you got was an old white hair blank stare
Have you ever needed an ounce of love
And all you got was a whole lot of f_cked

So say your prayers
It's the death of a nation
Say your prayers
For the dead generation

Condescending broad generalizations
Get real old real fast
Just because most hippies and their parents have sold out
Does not mean that you (Yeah, you!), your children (your children!) and their kids wont last...


Agressivness is godliness
Combativness is holiness
Destructiveness is faithfullness
Deadliness is devoutness
Praying to a god that they created
And know damn well does not exist...
We find them on their knees

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