Kill The Rich - Anti-Flag

a billionaire chatting with his friends, they've gotta stop to laugh "we've really got those s_ckers fooled, we've got 'em trained like rats!" the riches plot, control your thoughts, to make you blame yourself "the rich are rich because they're smarter than me..." you're taught this is right, that it's your fault kill, kill, kill! they throw a war like a party saying, "it's for a moral cause..." telling you if you're a patriot that, "you better do what you're told!" you burn a flag, you're gonna hang, brainwashed nationalism makes you a tool they're getting rich by selling weapons to both countries, you never think to question what you're told! kill, kill, kill! they're gonna give you nothing they want to take away the little they call something you know you're being used, but still you play along. if you're not complacent, you're doing something wrong. one day they'll push too far that marks the beginning of their end. we'll bring them crashing down 'til they're all dead, they're all dead! the time is growing near... put the trigger to the man... let's go, kill 'em!

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