Every Year Gets Better - As It Is

You're terrified, fighting and flailing at the future
Just back down
All you defy, you can't escape so make the best of it
The rest of all you have is running out fast
But maybe all it is you need is someone who has been there first and knows their way around

'Cause you've got a cage in the back of your mind
And I've got the key that'll let the birds fly
In this darkened room, with this darkened view
We'll let the light peer through

I woke up with tired and jaded in the same bed
That I slept in since I was seventeen
I zipped my hoodie up and I, looking through two tired eyes
Showed them out the door that I barricaded shut the week before

When every year gets better, why am I scared?
'Cause I'm prepared for this and always have been

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