Often - As It Is

I often think to myself, "Don't let your guard down."
But my f_cking useless arms are always tired
I'm worse than I've ever been
I used to find comfort in how everyone's got problems
And it's selfish of me
But I'd rather just be fine

I take precautions like they're bad advice
When I'm lacking ideas
I plan for self-destruction every time
But never pick up the pieces

I'm in constant need of self-validation
And I'm closed to new ideas, yet so impatient

'Cause I can't have everything
And is it too much to be asking for something just once
Can you really blame me
That I want to just feel fine

I don't have anything worth dying for
But at least I'll live longer

Often, I'm not alone, but can't break my stare to back home
Narrow eyes will never know where to go
(Everyday the sun will shine, but gets blocked on every side)

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