Brand New Guy - ASAP Rocky feat Schoolboy Q

[Verse 1: Asap Rocky]
I'm camo down to my boxers
Gold teeth, a bathing ape
It's animals in my projects
Like monkeys, orangutans
Banana clip on that chopper
I hold heat, bangers bang
Let the chiquita speak
Let it keep the peace
That Lil B, bangkadang
I don't care if you blue or you red flagging
Hair swinging, my pants sagging
Hoes all on my band wagon
Your b_tch gagging, she jet lagging
All my cause n_ggas, what's crackin'?
All my blood n_ggas, what's poppin'?
I ain't set tripping, I just happen
To know who click clacking, who mismatching
F_ck swagger, you been jacking
F_ck fly, I am fashion
Tryna cop that Benz wagon
My b_tch drive it and my friends crash it
N_ggas threat with the chit chattin'
See a n_gga don't sh_t happen
I'm finna blow on that Bin Laden
So talk money, check latin (S_ck my f_ckin' d_ck b_tch)

[Hook: x2]
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new b_tch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
That 45 be the big toy
Now which n_gga want it with the fat boy?
Clipped up like I'm paranoid
Hot as hell n_gga, Fitzroy
Pulled off through the city like {skirrt}
Seen that hoe n_gga like {skirttt pop}
Hopped up on a n_gga like {murrppp}
Put that p_ssy n_gga in a purse
You wouldn't be the first covering the dirt
Put him in the ground, he was down to earth
Napped up n_gga, I been down since birth
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes, I'll teach you how to jerk
Teach you how to jerk
Swaggin' in my J's
Pop me a pill and throw that p_ssy a rave
My prerogative ways
Nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade
Brand new n_gga with the brand new venue
Sold that b_tch out
Should've made that ho bigger
Killer charisma these cupcakes remember
My objective is to serve your agenda
Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender
Sprinkle some 50 and came out this n_gga
You quick with the gat and the d_ck in your mouth
Balls in my hands and your b_tch in my house
Twisting up weed
I'm digging her out
Just filling her out
Do all that sh_t you be talking about
While you gone? Sh_t, NetFlix on your couch
What this pop corn about?
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin'
You over there lovin'
That b_tch be my stuffing, like
Like we really be f_cking

[Hook: x2]
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new b_tch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Verse 3:]
[Schoolboy Q:]
Brand new shirt to the brand new drawls
Brand new socks to the brand new Glock
This motherf_cker hold 15
Smack that ho in, tell the clip get lost
B_tch I'm a boss
Pulled up clean, don't you hear the exhaust
Got my tie on, gripping on my iron
Who I'm about to fire on?
[ASAP Rocky:]
Rap game f_cked up, boy
F_ck you think I rap for?
Crack game f_cked up, boy
F_ck you think I trap for?
Riding round with that mask on
Like a Mac attack when that strap on
Like a Shaq attack on that backboard
Clap on, clap off
[Schoolboy Q:]
Blue pit in my back yard
[ASAP Rocky:]
Red nose my bad broad
[Schoolboy Q:]
Tight and full of that hydro
[ASAP Rocky:]
Pretty n_gga, no catwalk
[Schoolboy Q:]
Big burner in your big mouth
[ASAP Rocky:]
P_ssy n_ggas s_ck lead off
[Schoolboy Q:]
I pull it up then skirt off
Vodka shots, he Smirnoff
[ASAP Rocky:]
40 oz of that Cristal
Rose, that Rick Ross
[Schoolboy Q:]
Got it jumping like Kriss Kross
[ASAP Rocky:]
Mishmashing, no jigsaw
[Schoolboy Q:]
No horseplay when we quick draw
[ASAP Rocky:]
P_ssy n_gga get a tit job
[Schoolboy Q:]
Hands up, stick your mands up
Your time's up, the new brand's up

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