Jodye - ASAP Rocky

[Verse 1]
B_tch motherf_ckers trying to fake it trill
Sneak diss you just to make a bill, now the world won't take you serious
When I met you, you was painting nails
Leave a motherf_cker layin' still, bang him with the stainless steel
Cause I'm making the order
Laugh at the altar, pullin' a Lord up
Don't get someone sawed up
Your brain in a sawdust, n_ggas is washed up
I bang out in Florida
Streets of Miami, goons out in Georgia
Been to New Orleans
But still a New Yorker, n_gga the talk of
Town, n_gga we bossed up
Bounce, but when you talk to the Lord
Of course you're forced to
Bow down like a motherf_ckin' peasant
Still that pretty motherf_cker
And you know Harlem's what I'm reppin' n_gga

F_ck them other n_ggas 'cause I'm down for my n_ggas
F_ck them other n_ggas 'cause I'm down for my n_ggas
F_ck them other n_ggas, I'll ride for my n_ggas, I'll die for my n_ggas
Man, f_ck them other n_ggas!

Please talk to me lord, I am here for you lord

[Verse 2]
Gettin' faded, hair gettin' braided
Sophie sniffed a line of ye
Playin' spades, bumpin' Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze"
A 40 to the face, call my homies from around the way
Give me that p_ssy, I'll be on my way
But grab the jimmy so the b_tch don't get no cash up out me
Pretty n_gga, I'm a jiggy n_gga, ask about me
F_ck n_ggas talkin' trash about me
But you know I toke a gauge, it can make any problem go away
Talkin' Jay, talkin' Ye, that mean you n_ggas talkin' cray
Razor blade across your face, I fix my face then walk away
I guess then there's nothin' more to say
Trill n_gga to the death, whether Hell or the pearly gates
I think back to my early days
Whippin' and pinchin' that broad dough
It's a bit different now, switchin' and flippin' that raw flow
Substance get me higher, reefer and some fire
The devil is a liar, biased preachers shall retire
Jesus walked on water, I'm preachin' to the choir
Long live A$AP, now bow to your Messiah, b_tch!

Let the Lords toast with the Lords
Toast to the Lords
We come Gods, come Lords
Lords! Lords! Lords!
Oh Lord! Toast to the Lords!
As we [?] this day, please pray for us
When comes the saints, comes the evils, brings the Lords

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