Keep It G - ASAP Rocky feat Chace Infinite, Spaceghost Purrp

[Verse 1:]
This is music for the villains, sophisticated cheering
ASAP in the house, now we're finna run the building
Working never chilling 'til I get a million
To the ceiling, now my n_ggas gunning for a billion
They ask me how I'm livin, I say I'm gold grillin
N_ggas acting different, motherf_ck a friendship
These b_tches is persistent, talking about I'm distant
Lost my mind a long time ago to find it, need forensics
For instance, I get-get my d_ck licked
Red bone, complexion like a piglet, kiss-kiss
F_ck Ace, we sip Cris, afford it because I'm getting it
Drip-drip, the thought of it is ignorant, isn't it?
I'm ticklish, stunting is my business
Swagging on you hoes and I'm sh_tting on you niglets
So little homie, peep game
Cause these other rappers lame and don't care to do the same

(Hey, young blood) Stay true to the game
F_ck them lames, keep it motherf_cking G
(Hey, young blood) N_gga I'm a tell you
Like a motherf_cking G told me
(Hey, young blood) Stay true to yourself
Everyday, low-motherf_cking-key
(Hey, young blood) Cause at the end of the day
F_ck what you say, n_gga I'm going to be it G

[Verse 2:]
Well let me tell you about a n_gga like me
I be smoking, choking, black locing with the OE
She wants to take a d_ck ride, we slide
Straight to the telly, shaking her jelly with my d_ck inside
Hit it in motion, in slow motion, hit it
N_gga, she's open, n_gga I'm poking, split it
With it, get it right there in the bed
Open up your legs, let me beat that p_ssy red
F_ck what you said, I'm a still do me
Groupies, be s_cking and f_cking, porno movie
Do we have a problem in here
Look a n_gga in the eye as I notice the fear
I am severe, my style is hella sharp, like a spear
All I do is sit back and think with a 40 beer
And you gotta feel the funk
While the bass plays loud booming all in your damn trunk


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